Ed Asner gropes Betty White, shakes his cane at people

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Ed Asner

These are just two of the things that really did happen, in real life, at what will surely go down in history as the greatest photo shoot to ever take place on this earth, for the Hollywood Reporter's upcoming "Legends of Hollywood" issue. In fairness to Asner, he only grabbed White's boobs after she grabbed his crotch, and she didn't seem too bothered: "She just carried on, throwing back her shoulders and sticking her chest out and smiling, while the photographer took photos," a source from the set said.

Other highlights include Debbie Reynolds greeting Mickey Rooney with a cheery "I thought you were dead!" and Asner waving his cane and shouting "I'll rake you with this stick!" at Larry Hagman, who responded, "I had a colonoscopy yesterday, so I can take anything."

Junk grabbing? Cane-waving? Threats of sodomy? Terry Richardson's racy-photo-shoot cred just plummeted.