Harry Potter actor arrested for looting and carrying Molotov cocktail during London riots

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The actor who played chubby villain Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter movies is apparently something of a real life chubby villain in his time off-set, as he's been arrested for looting and carrying a homemade bomb during this summer's London riots, and also faces charges for growing lots and lots of weed.

Twenty-two-year-old Jamie Waylett was caught on security cameras looting from a drugstore, and also carrying a Molotov cocktail that he never managed to set off. In the ensuing investigation, police also found fifteen marijuana plants at the actor's home, marking his second offense for weed. Thus, he now faces charges of violent disorder, possessing explosives, intent to destroy or damage property, receiving stolen goods, and enough marijuana charges to land him nearly fifteen years in jail. 

Yikes. Bet the Cruciatus curse doesn't sound so scary now, eh? Eh?! Ok, I'm done.