The Book of Mormon could be unexpected Broadway hit for Trey Parker and Matt Stone

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Trey Parker in Orgazmo

It's been rough out there for Broadway musicals, lately (especially if those musicals concern teenage mutant photo geeks / arachnids). But, there might be two unexpected heroes coming to save Spider-man and the rest of Broadway's collective ass: Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Apparently, The Book of Mormon, Parker and Stone's satirical stage play about the much maligned Mormon religion, is very very good. It may be Tony Award good according to some critics. 

It's hard to believe that the same guys who put together South Park and Team America: World Police could (or even would) transition to the stage, although they've shown a lot of love for musicals in the past. The Book of Mormon opened last night to rave reviews, and is expected to pull in about a million dollars a week. However, unexpected success aside, the real upshot here is all the Mitt Romney jokes it'll cook up for the coming electoral season.