Christian groups gather in D.C. to tell us that the world will end on May 21, 2011

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"Have you heard the awesome news?" asked the lettering on the side of the RV. Washington, D.C. residents, presumably thinking their Thursday mornings were about to get a little bit brighter, perhaps with free ice cream or news that the government finally had a working hoverboard. Sadly, the answer was a little more grim: "The end of the world is almost here!"

A fundamentalist Christian radio network is one of several groups that have pegged the end of days to a date coming right up — as in, about two weeks from now. May 21, they announce, will be the long prophesied Second Coming, and we had better all be ready.

Although the group seems pretty confident, it might be prudent to hedge your bets, given that the gentleman at the head of this particular sect, Harold Camping, made a similar prediction in the early '90s — he was betting back then that the world would end in 1994.

For all of us who were happy to make it to 1995 (GoldenEye being one of many reasons why), Camping would like to say that while inspiration is human, second drafts are divine.

“It’s just like anyone who invents something or comes to a truth or any technician — they don’t immediately make a finished product,” he explains. “I did not come to the finished product until three years ago. It was at that time that God showed some exquisite proof."

Call it The Rapture 2: This Time it's Personal.