ESPN announcer suspended after calling female colleague “sweetcakes”

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"Why don't you leave this to the boys, sweetcakes?" That's what ESPN football announcer Ron Franklin reportedly said to sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards when she tried to contribute to a production meeting last Friday. When Edwards told Franklin not to call her that — that she didn't like "being talked to like that" — he replied, "Okay, then 'asshole.'"

ESPN, none too thrilled with either Franklin's sexist remark or his crude riposte, has suspended Franklin from his duties, at least for the moment.

Apparently this guy is a repeat offender. Feministing, who's already comparing the sixty-eight-year-old Franklin to Mad Men's Roger Sterling, notes that "in 2005 he called sideline reporter Holly Rowe 'sweetheart' while trying to undermine her commentary."

So who else hopes that ESPN undermines Ron Franklin by firing him? Raise your hand in the comments!