Ever-classy NYPD threatens to sue Occupy Wall Street protesters

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Will Smith, decorated movie veteran of various interstellar conflicts, once said that NYPD stands for "[K]nock yo' punkass down." That line has started to seem less and less in funny in the wake of the NYPD's behavior as of late, which, if we're just limiting it to Occupy Wall Street-related malfeasance, has included pepper-spraying, scooter hit-and-runs, and good ol' face-punching.

The NYPD's take on things? Sue those fuckers.

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association:

"New York's police officers are working around the clock as the already overburdened economy in New York is being drained by 'occupiers' who intentionally and maliciously instigate needless and violent confrontations with the police"

Claiming that "over twenty police officers have been injured in 'Occupy Wall Street' related incidents," (while declining to provide details), Mullins said that the SBA would pursue the "harshest possible civil sanctions" against protesters should any police be injured.

I agree that the NYPD is over-burdened by the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I mean, there's so many better things they could be doing with their time, like gun-running, "frying n**ers," making tickets disappear for their powerful friends, and having their own officers attempting to expose corruption committed to mental institutions. There's only so many hours in the day.

And I'd like to offer the caveat that I'm not trying to imply that all NYPD officers are bad people: I live in New York, and I've run into several that are decent and hard-working. And some of the Occupy Wall Streeters do engage in deliberate, obnoxious cop-baiting. But seriously, suing them? I mean, you could just keep pepper-spraying them — that seems a lot cheaper and more cathartic than a court case.

Besides, all it's going to get you is ten fewer vacation days and a shorter commute.