Everyone’s stalking poor old “Hipster Cop” at Occupy Wall Street

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It's blowing the minds of New Yorkers and the rest of the country that a human can be both cop and hipster. Badge and grandpa sweater? Horn-rimmed glasses and gun? He eats organic, not donuts?!

Ever since Community Affairs Detective Rick Lee was spotted by Gawker's Adrian Chen, who called him "sort of a meme at Occupy Wall Street," the internet has been gobbling up every crumb of information about him. The Sparrow Project has made a video compilation of clips featuring the dude doing his job. Gothamist's most recent Hipster Cop post is more celebrity trivia than reportage. The Atlantic Wire is disturbed because, in all of his hip glory, Lee still apparently listens to Coldplay. Cops! They're just like us!

Anyway, here's the latest for those of you fiends for Hipster Cop gossip: He's single, but apparently asked out a male NYU student at OWS. His glasses are not, in fact, Moscot, but Ray Ban for J. Crew frames, into which he inserted prescription lenses. He's been a cop for almost 20 years. And help us out here: he was born in Brooklyn but now lives on Staten Island. Is Staten Island now becoming so un-hip it's ironic? And thus hip? Hipster Cop is blowin' my mind.