Fearing lab creation of “monsters,” scientists push for new regulations

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Blinky from The Simpsons

In response to the (apparently numerous?) animal-human hybrids that have been coming out of labs, a group of scientists is calling for regulation of such experiments, citing the "'Frankenstein fear' that the medical research which creates 'humanized' animals is going to generate monsters." Monsters, you guys!

The UK's Academy of Medical Sciences suggested the creation of a committee that would review the ethical implications of proposed tests. Of particular concern, experts say, are experiments in which animals are modified to have human attributes (such as speech or skin) via implants of human cells, eggs, etc.

One scientist in the academy offered this amazing summary of the group's concerns: "If you come home and your parrot says 'Who's a pretty boy?' that's one thing. But if your monkey says it that's something else."

Food for thought.