Ke$ha’s feather hair extensions cause national shortage of fishing lures

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Feather-hair-extensions are officially a national craze, and the fad is causing a shortage among fisherman that actually use for the feathers for something other than looking like a faux-Native American or possibly-deranged crazy person.  

Hackles, the long, skinny rooster feathers that fishermen use to make lures, have become a popular hair-extension accoutrement, a trend I choose largely to ascribe to Ke$ha, who desires to look like some kind of sticky trash-bird. Others point to Steven Tyler, whose position as American Idol judge means that more people than ever are privy to his epic clusterfuck of heroin-pirate style.

But it doesn't matter who's to blame, because the end result is the same: the specially bred roosters that hackles come from take years to reach the point where their butt feathers (that's right: feathers from the fowl's posterior are the most valuable) can be harvested, and the increase in demand has resulted in fly-fishing shops being swarmed by stylists and hairdressers trying to keep up with the flood of requests.

Some fishing stores have even begun refusing to sell women the precious butt feathers, according to Shelley Ambroz, who owns MiraBella Salon and Spa in Boise, Idaho. "If you go in and you're a woman, they won't sell to you," said Ambroz.

Personally, I love this "controversy," if you can even call it that. As much as I love fishing — it's basically a legitimized form of alcoholism — and as much as I hate Ke$ha and Steven Tyler for their sins against music and… well, culture in general, I look at them in a kinder light now that I know they're wearing a stupid, flightless bird's ass feathers in their hair.