Filipino man has plastic surgery to look like Superman

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Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's a curious Filipino guy who wants to look like Superman. Herbert Chavez is a thirty-five-year-old Filipino man who really, really loves Superman, and has taken steps, in the form of multiple plastic surgeries, to more closely resemble his hero/fetish object of adoration. 

Since 1995, Chavez, a pageant trainer, has endured a chin augmentation, a nose job, thigh implants, and silicone-injected lips, all with the intention of looking less like Herbert Chavez, and more like the Man of Steel. (I guess just the shirt and spit curl weren't going to cut it.) One psychiatrist interviewed by a Filipino news outlet diagnosed Chavez as possibly suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, where one obsesses over a perceived flaw in his or her appearance. I think that psychiatrist is right on the money.

In the video (which is in Tagalog), Chavez gives the reporter a tour of his house, which is basically a shrine cum museum dedicated to you know who. If he ever loses his job as a pageant trainer, he can probably stay afloat by dumping some of that memorabilia on eBay.