Hey, do you remember '90s boy band LFO? The ones that sang about girls who liked Abercrombie and Fitch, and gettin' chicks in the summertime? Former member Brad Fischetti still cares a lot about gettin' chicks. If you mean gettin' chicks away from abortion clinics. (Segue: nailed it.)

If you're one of the thousand people who follow him on Twitter, this is old news. Ninety-five percent of Fischetti's tweets have happened while he was standing outside the Orlando Women's Center (or some other Florida abortion clinic), getting all up in various women's business. Fischetti tweets with frightening regularity about how many women "chose life" at the clinic each day, and posts information about patients, employees, and people sitting in their cars in the parking lot. (Or, as he calls it, the "valley of decision." You can't make this stuff up, folks.) 

"That's John Barros and me n front of the clinic. God Bless him. He's there 6 days/week for the last 19 months," Fischetti tweeted and posted a picture as if he were posing with some kind of celebrity or laudable human rights activist.

It really is refreshing to see a former celebrity who's completely fallen off the radar re-emerge as a man so passionately against abortion that he takes it upon himself to violate women's privacy and personal lives. If only more former boy band members could be like Fischetti.

I wonder what A.J. McLean is up to right now...

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May 24 12 - 7:35pm

Well, he did tell us he likes girls who wear Abercromie & Fitch, and is sickened by non-American food... how could he not be a Republican? ;)

May 25 12 - 2:16am
Little GH

simmer down Nerve. why can't you keep your liberal slant out of every article?

May 25 12 - 2:31am

because it's a website with a liberal slant. deal with it.

May 25 12 - 3:50am
Oh and

Little GH, how about you keep your bleeding heart conservative whines out of your comments?

May 25 12 - 12:09pm
Little GH

how does asking for objectiveness = conservative views? i'm pro abortion & even-handed reporting fyi.

May 25 12 - 1:29pm
sense maker

Because this is a sex blog, not the fucking Wall Street Journal, you clod.

May 27 12 - 5:33am
Little GH

i guess integrity is a rare commodity on the internet.

May 28 12 - 11:18pm

yeah, the internet usually makes me feel kind of shitty about the state of human decency

May 25 12 - 9:10am

Of course he wants to get up in womens' business. He is like the douchey-est douchebag there ever was.

May 25 12 - 9:11am
Grady LaLa

One word: Backpfeifengesicht