Fox News site misleadingly presents Onion article as news

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Fox News misreports The Onion as news.

The satirists over at The Onion received a bit of credibility today when, a Fox News-operated site, re-purposed one of its fake-news articles as a real-news one. The piece, titled "A Frustrated Obama Sends Nation Rambling 75,000-Word E-Mail," was published on the site's "culture" section just as it appears in the image above, without indicating in the headline that the story was, in fact, not fact.

As one famous Fox personality might exclaim, "D'oh!" The original Onion article can be read here. Glance at it, then take a look at how the Fox News site reported it in the following screenshot.

As you may notice, the only indication of the content's parodic origin comes in the form of a tiny link at the bottom, one that would require Fox Nation's readership to already know that The Onion is a joke publication in order to quickly disqualify what they'd just read. Or, in the words of Gawker's Max Read,"When you're dealing with a commenter base as consistently stupid as Fox Nation's, don't you have a responsibility to clearly specify what's satire and what's, you know, at least sort of real?"