Frank Rich to leave The New York Times

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Frank Rich

And the enthralling-to-some, irrelevant-to-others media upsets keep on coming: on the heels of Andrew Sullivan's announcement that he'll be moving his "Daily Dish" blog from The Atlantic to The Daily Beast, it was announced today that in June, Frank Rich will be leaving his post as The New York Times' most vaunted Op-Ed author to write for New York Magazine. He might even blog from the sound of it. From the press release:

Rich will be an essayist for the magazine, writing monthly on politics and culture, and serve as an editor-at-large, editing a special monthly section anchored by his essay. He will also be a commentator on, engaging in regular dialogues on the news of the week.

“Frank Rich is a giant — a powerhouse critic of politics and culture, a rigorous thinker, a glorious stylist, a skeptic and optimist at the same time. There is just no one like him in American journalism,” said [New York editor-in-chief Adam] Moss. “He is also a friend. I have had the privilege to work with him for almost twenty-five years. Since the day I came to New York, I have hoped I could persuade him to join us here. I'm ecstatic that he will now be bringing his wisdom to our growing audience. This is a very big day for New York.”

As for Rich, he had this to say on the move:

"The role Adam has created for me at his revitalized New York Magazine will allow me to write with more reflection, variety, and space than is possible within the confines of a weekly newspaper column — and, for that matter, will allow me to stretch the definition of a magazine column.”

It should be interesting to see what Rich, a former drama and culture writer for the Times, will do with with a less formal platform, but we all know what the real question is: who do you think will replace him in the Sunday Times?