Fraternity memo filled with misogynist, rapey rhetoric

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It seems like every couple of weeks there's another scandal involving a college fraternity, some sort of email, and rampant sexism letting it all hang out. The latest offenders are the respectful blokes of USC's chapter of Kappa Sigma. One industrious brother created a long descriptive email, incorporating both a personal ethos on getting "pie" (that's new and unique code for vagina) and a call-out to brothers to share their weekly sexual conquests. He created this manifesto both to inform brothers about his expertise (over fifty pies conquered thus far!) and to shame them for ever having sex with "filth" (denoted as a woman scoring four or below, on this man's personal scale of attractiveness).

There's really no beginning or end to the obnoxious, nausea-inducing contents of the email. It's hard to pinpoint what personally enraged me the most on this Wednesday morning. Was it the delineation between "wife," "girlfriend," and "filth" material? Was it the veneration afforded noted piece of shit Tucker Max? Perhaps the racist implication of allotting various races their own, cutesy pie flavors, then accusing any man who sleeps with a Middle Eastern woman of being insufficiently patriotic? Perhaps this gem of a quote: "Non-consent and rape are two different things. There is a fine line, so make sure not to cross it."

Do fraternity brothers not understand how email works? There is a forward button. If you also want to ruin your day, you can read the email in its entirety.