Frosty the Snowman arrested by holiday cheerless cops

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It's not even December yet, and already some miserly police officers are putting a damper on our yuletide spirits. Cops arrested a man in a Frosty the Snowman costume at an annual parade on Saturday on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

According to Sergeant John A. Dolgos, Frosty was being a little too feisty. Dolgos says the man, Kevin Michael Walsh, got agitated when a police officer, with a police dog in tow, tried to escort him away from the crowd. Walsh not only scuffled with the cop but tried to kick the dog, which resulted in his arrest. Frosty, however, insists his arrest was unwarranted. (Frame-up job by Professor Hinkle?) He claims the officer harassed him after he made a comment about the dog being present, and that he only got unruly after being arrested.

Yikes. If even Frosty isn't safe from the Christmas-hating cops, someone better rush Rudolph into witness protection pronto.