Fun fact: alcohol doesn’t actually kill brain cells

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Seriously, it doesn't! In spite of just about everything you've heard about alcohol since you were a kid, it turns out that among the many effects of drinking too much, dead brain cells aren't on the list. At least not according to Atlantic contributor and alcohol enthusiast Derek Brown, who culled some research on the subject and came up with conclusive but apparently forgotten evidence that just because you got blackout last night doesn't mean you have any fewer brain cells today.

Or, in the wise words of Stephen Braum, author of Buzzed: The Science and Lore of Alcohol and Caffeine, "alcohol does many things to the brain, [but] one thing it clearly doesn't do is wipe out neurons indiscriminately." Now, drinking in excess will still stunt your memory and impair other brain functions, but this is nonetheless the perfect excuse for a drink or five. And the perfect excuse to revisit this picture of Nick Nolte.