“Gay Girl” blogger abducted in Syria

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Amina Arraf

The woman behind the well-known blog "A Gay Girl in Damascus" was pulled into a car by three armed men Tuesday morning and has not been seen since, putting her among the ranks of nearly 10,000 others who have been detained in Syria over the past eleven weeks. In spite of the country's ban on homosexuality, Amina Arraf, a dual citizen of the U.S. and Syria, blogged as an openly gay woman and an avid activist, writing, "I live in Damascus, Syria. It’s a repressive police state… But I have set up a blog with my name and my photo. Am I crazy?” continuing,  "I have to begin by doing something bold and visible. I can because I'm a dual national and have benefits of politically connected relatives."

Her posts about the political turmoil in Syria have garnered major international attention and she's narrowly avoided arrest several times in the past. A friend of Arraf's speculated that she had been abducted for "trying to tell the truth about what's happening in Syria."

Edit: Arraf's identity has been called into question, we'll keep this updated as more information becomes available.