Getting pregnant at Halliburton can get you fired

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Lynda Darden, a Dallas women who worked as an administrative associate for Halliburton, says she was fired when her employers found out she was pregnant. (On top of that, she only moved to Dallas because of a job transfer.) Which is not what we might call "legal," so now she's suing the corporation. Halliburton claimed that she was just one in a wave of layoffs; that doesn't explain why she was the only one who lost her job or why they put up an ad for the position after she was gone. (Nice move, guys.)

Here's what her lawyer's saying:

To her knowledge, Lynda was the only employee "laid off" in her area even though there were five employees who had less experience in that position than she did. None of those employees was pregnant. Thus, the company retained employees in the same or similar positions with less qualifications who were not in the protected class. The Defendant's proferred reason for termination was a pretext for discriminatory purpose.

So, there's one more reason on top of a huge pile of them to dislike Halliburton. You can read the official complaint over at the Dallas Observer.