Get ready for some tech-savvy cookie peddlers. On the heels of their 100th anniversary, The Girl Scouts of the USA are revamping their badges to include subjects like digital filmmaking and website design.

The move, which marks the first major update of badges since 1987, aims to address sociology researcher Kathleen Denny's claims that the Girl Scouts manual contains gender stereotypes. For instance, the group is swapping out its "Fashion, Fitness and Make-Up" badge for "Science of Style." Meaning, rather than playing Pretty Pretty Princess, girls will be studying the nanotechnology of fabrics and chemistry of sunscreen.

Alisha Niehaus, executive editor in charge of program resources for Girl Scouts of the USA, had this to say about the overhaul:

"We kept some favorites but added new ones that will help girls build the leadership skills they'll need for the 21st century... Girls asked for more challenge and more creativity. They asked for fun with purpose."

Other new badges include product design, "locavore" (local food) awareness, financial literacy, public policy, and "Science of Happiness." No word yet on whether the Boy Scouts of America has updated its "Chewing Wad" and "Shootin' Shit" badges.

Commentarium (4 Comments)

Oct 11 11 - 12:03pm
Paint for Fun-Dover

All the Girl Scouts have been very nice girls when they have come into the shop. Glad to see GS updating badges....actually you could take that last BS badge and put that on the GS...just kidding.
Updating GS procedures will ensure that the new girls stay interested! good for you. Patti
loved the Daisy addition

Oct 11 11 - 12:37pm
Fitness fan

I agree with the re-vamp, but feel "fitness" should have been kept in there. Basic physical fitness is a good character quality to instill in young girls. Not "body image" mind you, they shouldn't be measured at the waist to earn the badge. However, I think that teaching them over all healthy eating with a love of excercise is detremental to a well balanced adult.

Oct 12 11 - 4:06pm

I strongly suspect that those things are still parts of other badges. Fashion, Fitness and Make-up was a single badge, which is what's been discontinued. I really doubt Girl Scouts has discontinued all of their fitness and nutrition programming.

Oct 12 11 - 12:37am

...but they're still selling cookies, right? Think of the cookies.