Glenn Beck gets wine spilled on him, cries about it

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If you're going to go to a picnic, you have to deal with the ants. And the over-sensitive Fox News anchors. Glenn Beck threw a hissy-fit after being "verbally assaulted" at an outdoor film screening this past Monday night in New York City, and subsequently took to his website and television show to express his sadness. Beck and his wife, Tania, and daughter were taking in a showing of Bryant Park's outdoor film series (this week's film was Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps) when the liberal and vocal crowd heckled him and shouted that they hated conservatives and Republicans. As if that wasn't enough, wine was spilled, perhaps purposefully, on Beck's blanket. Beck was all too happy to recount these horrific events in detail, and is crying foul at the public's treatment when he was with his family.

I've been to a movie showing at Bryant Park, and emotions do run high. It's hot and everyone is drunk and cramped together; blankets overlap, personal space is invaded, things are spilled, and you would not believe the leg cramps. But that's just part of the picnic in New York experience. I don't doubt that the negative behavior of the crowd was real and palpable, but come on. It's spilled wine. If anything, I feel more sympathy for the person who spilled even an ounce of that sweet sweet nectar of life than for Beck.