Marijuana State University a hit in Maine

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Medical Marijuana

Don't get too excited, prospective transfer students from UC-Santa Cruz and Hampshire College — Marijuana State University has a somewhat misleading name. For starters, it's clearly not a state-funded institution, but rather a leafy New England liberal-arts college (of sorts). There's also the fact that MSU substitutes basil for weed in its courses. And as far as one can tell from their slick website, it doesn't even confer degrees, which at least the University of Phoenix does.

But no matter, because its star only professor, fifty-six-year-old Ray Logan, just wants to share his thirty years of pot-growing experience with the fine citizens of medical-marijuana-friendly Maine. And so far, it's a hit; his three-hour instructional classes are filling up faster than the "Expressions of German Colonialism in The Simpsons" course at nearby Bowdoin College. No word yet on whether the school will host a bake sale to raise the necessary funds needed to send its nationally ranked hacky-sack team to The Big Tournament this year, but we'll keep you posted.