News lists 10 professions most likely to cause major depression

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"Some jobs are more depression-prone than others," writes Tammy Worth at But since Tammy Worth is a writer, she can't be trusted — her occupation is on the list of the 10 most depression-prone professions, and I apparently think depressed people aren't to be trusted.

This means that you can't trust me either. Luckily, they got the trustworthy "Deborah Legge, PhD, a licensed mental-health counselor," to weigh in on the matter:

There are certain aspects of any job that can contribute to or exacerbate depression. Folks with the high-stress jobs have a greater chance of managing it if they take care of themselves and get the help they need.

So who are these "folks"? They are:

  • Nursing Home and Child Care Workers.
  • Food Service Workers.
  • Social Workers.
  • Health-care Workers.
  • Artists, Entertainers, Writers.
  • Teachers.
  • Administrative Staff Support.
  • Maintenance and Grounds Workers.
  • Financial Advisers and Accountants.
  • Salespeople.

And that's ranked from most depression-prone to least depression-prone. This means that Deborah Legge, Ph.D, is also depressed. So what we have here is a bunch of depressed people telling each other how depressed they are. This can't be healthy. [Via Gawker, also depressed]