Highs And Lows: Don’t tread on my Halloween costume

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Don't Tread On Me girl


"I'm down with Jane, but what the hell did they stuff those gold lamé trunks with?"

"you should've seen him getting slaughtered on the view. it was so bad that even my mum who understood one sentence out of three was cringing. granted, this guy is so dumb its a crime for him to contribute to the gene pool (which he did, twice)"

"Ohhh I love gay drama set in the past. You just can't get it anymore without somebody saying we live in the 21st century and we have the law on our side! But back in the day…yeah, much more interesting watching characters deal."

"How did he know her size?"

"how the hell is that woman 46. unbelievable."

"The first three posters are fantastic, the last one looks like it belongs in Quiznos."

"I thought college was where you went to HAVE sex?"


Trick Or Treating


"Ah, the highly limited extent to which anyone is willing to take that whole 'live free or die' thing. 'Live quietly and obediently within a tight jacket of constricting, unrealistic rules or be mocked' is more like it."

"I wear a short mini-skirt where ever and whenever I can, even though all the other guys tease me relentlessly."

"Conservative american is an oxymoron, but thats ok most americans wouldn;t know what that was" "At least we know what an apostrophe is."

"Do they have humor translators for clueless Nerve posters?"

"It's a sad truth, Ditto, that the average New York sports fan has been forced to adopt NBA teams from other cities due to the fact that rooting for the Knicks has been found to cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, disorientation, screaming fits, depression, stress-related skin rashes, cancer and AIDS. No one knows why the last two, but the studies don't lie."

"Yes, there is absolutely nothing gay about sitting in a boat from the crack of dawn in the middle of lake with a bunch of other guys playing with with your rod and getting drunk. This is not homophobia, this is self loathing."

Linda carter