Highs And Lows: Put the p in the v and make a baby

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Wayne's World top 10 list

In keeping with the tradition that began, well, last week, I've rounding up the most memorable comments on the best and worst news stories of the week. (Again, the comments themselves are not "high" or "low" — the designation refers to how the stories themselves made me feel.) I'll keep doing Highs and Lows like this until I get bored of it… or the internet implodes.



Best. Thing. On. The. Internet. (and I'm not a fan of those declarative one-word punctuated sentences either!)

This is a great show despite the Tony Danza hate. He was terrified and excited at the same time about teaching these kids. Watch an episode and then decide that he's not really trying.

Easily the most beautiful live performance stage setting I've ever seen. I am so bad at hating Kanye.

Japanese book stores (like Kinokuniya) are nice enough to put a store-brand paper-wrap around your books when you check out. That way you can read on the subway without anyone being the wiser.

Speaking as a Scottish farm boy, those pictures make it clear I was born in the wrong damn country.

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Blake Lively in the cover shot?



Rick Sanchez' 15 minutes of fame should have ended long ago. Didn't he run over and kill someone in south Florida?

If you wanted to find out how good men were at telling when a woman had had an orgasm, well, you'd need to do a very different type of survey…

It's a good thing that Miss 16 of Queens isn't in the school chorus. She would be asked to sing from her diaphragm on a regular basis.

I wonder how they observed Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September)?

I work 80 hours a week. I live on nicotine and caffeine. I am 60 pounds overweight. If anything, the fact I work so much makes it harder to lose weight.

I know how pregnancy works, you put the penis in the vagina, and then the stork, acting as midwife, brings you your baby.