Hiker inspired by “127 Hours” also gets stuck in Utah desert

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Did you like 127 Hours? Many people did, but maybe not quite as much as this guy: Amos Wayne Richards, inspired by a film in which a man has to cut off his own arm, went out to hike Little Blue John Canyon, the place hiker Aron Ralston was pinned by a rock for several days. Unfortunately for him, he ended up emulating what he saw on screen more than he would have liked, when he broke his leg and got stuck out there for ninety-six hours:

Amos Wayne Richards, 64, of Concord, N.C., said he decided to hike Little Blue John Canyon after he saw the Oscar-nominated movie "127 Hours," but fell 10 feet during his trek Sept. 8.

Canyonlands National Park rangers found Richards four days later. Along with the leg injury, he had dislocated his shoulder but was able to work it back into place…

Without cellphone service and only two protein bars to eat, Richards began crawling back to his car across the rocky terrain. He filled his water bottles with rain as he painstakingly retraced his steps, eventually dragging himself almost five miles.

Luckily Richards was spotted by a helicopter and quickly taken to a hospital, where he was treated for the broken limb and dehydration. Please, everyone: when you're re-enacting an activity that is very dangerous, which you learned about in a movie about how potentially life-threatening that activity can be, plan carefully. Like, extremely carefully! Because otherwise you might end up dragging yourself across the desert for four days, and nobody wants that.