Hilary Swank is sorry for partying with a known human rights violator

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Hilary Swank at Kadyrov party

After happily attending the birthday party for an accused mass murderer and then being publicly criticized for it, Hilary Swank now feels very bad about the whole thing. You see, Swank recently attended a celebration in honor of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov's birthday, apparently unaware of the fact that he stands accused of scores of killings and abductions.

Post-party, Human Rights Watch released a statement saying, "Ramzan Kadyrov is linked to a litany of human rights abuses. It's inappropriate for stars to get paid to party with him. It bolsters his image and legitimizes a brutal leader and his regime." Zoinks! 

Swank now says she "deeply regrets" accepting Kadyrov's invitation, which both Eva Mendes and Shakira reportedly turned down. However, the October fifth event was also attended by Jean-Claude Van Damme, Vanessa Mae, and Seal, so it's unclear why Swank's the only one catching heat for this. Possibly because no one else made the unfortunate faux pas of announcing during their birthday toast, "I read. I do my research." Just a theory.