Hillary Clinton edited, photoshopped out of Situation Room photo by Hasidic newspaper

Take a look at the photo published above, famously snapped in the Situation Room as the U.S. raided Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan. The astute viewer will notice that, like some sort of sexist version of Highlights magazine, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been Photoshopped out of the picture (not to mention Counterterrorism Director Audrey Tomason, who barely even made it into the original photo)!

Hillary Clinton unedited Situation Room photo.

Der Tzitung, a Brooklyn-based Hasidic newspaper, is the publication responsible for the edited photo. The Photoshop job is in fact part of the paper's editorial policy of excluding images of women from its pages, citing that the "sexually suggestive" nature of half the world's population is simply too much for the other half of the world's population.

And as Jezebel reports, the paper's coming under fire from all sides:

Jewish Week's Rabbi Jason Miller points out that the altered image violates a central tenet of the faith: "Der Tzitung edited Hillary Clinton out of the photo, thereby changing history. To my mind, this act of censorship is actually a violation of the Jewish legal principle of g'neivat da'at (deceit)."

What would the paper do, one wonders, if Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic primary and become President of the United States? Run pictures of only the podium from State of the Union addresses? Publish images of foreign leaders, including Israeli ones, shaking hands with nobody? Who knows. At any rate, happy Mother's Day!

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May 08 11 - 5:48pm

heh. Silly world.

May 08 11 - 6:38pm
Appears To Be

So they're serial liars who can't even control themselves around fully-clothed women. Some "religious" sect.

May 08 11 - 7:21pm

Oh yes, sure, because Hillary looks so 'sexually suggestive' in that pic... And here I thought we were in the 21st century.

May 08 11 - 7:29pm

Nothing is more sexually suggestive than tweed

May 08 11 - 9:05pm

or wit.

May 08 11 - 10:21pm
Buck Nasty

fap to it

May 08 11 - 10:52pm

Comparatively, the US is way ahead in not being sexist or racist. There's lots of room for improvement but at least we're not awful.

May 08 11 - 11:27pm
Ray Rahman

Believe it or not, Brooklyn's still a part of the U.S.!

May 09 11 - 10:21am

And Jews are allowed to be American! Even conservative ones.

May 08 11 - 11:14pm

Religion can make people crazy. Some "Christian" news service set up their software to automatically replace the word "gay" with "homosexual," which led to them running a story about a new world sprint record set by "Tyson Homosexual" a few years ago.

May 09 11 - 2:18pm

Mike Tyson is a homosexual?

May 09 11 - 3:38pm
Ray Rahman

Tyson Gay.

May 18 11 - 11:37pm

Mike Tyson is Tyson Gay?

May 09 11 - 9:32am

I´ve noticed that the other woman in the original picture is also missing! Did they go together to the toillet?

May 18 11 - 11:39pm
Barney Rubble

Did anyone notice that the women are missing in the Hasidic newspaper?

May 09 11 - 10:16am

I think we can all agree that religious weirdos are weird.

May 09 11 - 10:21am

The Hasids are a shanda.

May 09 11 - 10:33am

They should've edited the men out of the photo. I mean, some of them are HAWT.

May 09 11 - 11:50am

Women are edited out, note the second woman at the back is missing.??
What's up with that?

May 09 11 - 2:07pm
M. Edward (Ed) Boras

They haven't edited Golda Meir out of history, have they? ;-)

May 09 11 - 2:09pm
A bloke

@CLAYJ That is the point of the whole article you Muppet......

May 09 11 - 2:14pm

My Halloween costume this year is definitely going to be sexy secretary of state. I'm left wondering where I can get her pantsuit.

May 09 11 - 2:18pm

Did anyone notice that the women are missing in the Hasidic newspaper?

May 09 11 - 3:53pm

Now I wish that Hillary Clinton had won the Democratic primary and become President of the United States.

May 09 11 - 5:05pm

I am so disappointed. I was hoping the Situation room was going to look like something out of Dr. Stranglove. Now that was a Situation room you can be proud of.

May 09 11 - 6:03pm
G Unit

She was edited out of the Presidential race too.

May 10 11 - 2:48am

Now if only she could be edited out of public office...

May 10 11 - 6:26am

So Hasidic lesbian porn is just footage of an empty room?

I find it ironic that the same people who get white-hot at Holocaust deniers who rewrite history are doing that very thing here. How do you say "hypocrite" in Yiddish?

May 10 11 - 2:12pm

I think they should fill in the blanks with Pee Wee Herman and Charlie Sheen.

Jun 05 11 - 1:37pm

так, напэўна так і ёсць

Aug 06 11 - 11:05pm

Is there something interesting?

Aug 31 11 - 11:14am

Back in sohcol, I'm doing so much learning.