Holiday gun sales have skyrocketed this year

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Ralphie with his gun in A Christmas Story

Whether it's dealing with your family or the pressures of finding presents for everyone you know, we al know that the holidays sometimes make you want to shoot things (or people). So it's not entirely surprising that background check requests for potential gun buyers hit an all-time high on Black Friday, with 129,166 applications coming into the FBI. That's a full thirty-two percent increase from the previous record, which was 97,848 applications in 2008.

But why, exactly, are shoppers so gun-happy this year? No one really seems to know, but the director of the Professional Gun Retailers Association cited recent legislation, saying, "The laws have changed, and it's a lot easier to give firearms as Christmas presents. I think it's just kind of a natural thing."

Meanwhile, the director of the Illinois State Rifle Association posited, “I think all of the ladies in the household, including the one in my household, went to the mall and then the men hid out at the gun show.”

So essentially, we have two possible options on the table for the massive increase in gun-buying: people are finally able to give the thoughtful gift of firearms thanks to new laws, or ladies just love to shop so much that they're driving menfolk to stockpile weapons. Maybe it's best if we don't think too hard about this one.