Here in the United States we see our fair share of sexist and homophobic ads (we usually celebrate a four-hour block of them called the Super Bowl). But every now and again they manifest themselves in other parts of the world too. Just check out this ad for Cachaça Magnífica liquor.  At first glance, It's just an innocuous-looking blueprint of an apartment, but upon further inspection, it actually diagrams two dudes watching Brokeback Mountain, much to their parents' chagrin. But hey, at least they're not watching the porn version, Bareback Mountain.

It's brought to you by the fine folks at Brazilian advertising agency, Agencia 3, who want you to know that in the event of your son's coming out, alcohol will be there for you, one shot at a time. Given Cachaça Magnífica's penchant for controversy (an ad from 2008 ad featured a lady model's bare bottom) this latest ad doesn't really shock us. It just disappoints. If anything, we're just jealous this family lives in an apartment with three bathrooms.

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Commentarium (8 Comments)

Mar 22 11 - 9:59am

If this is what counts as homophobic these days, I'd say we've come a long way, baby. "Be strong, and have a strong drink" is pretty mild - if winking - advice for the parents of gay youth, I'd say.

And it should be obvious from the text that it's the parents' apartment and the son lives with them.

Mar 22 11 - 11:19am

This is extremely tame! I would've expected it to be an extremely sad looking father at a bar, with the bartender saying "Drink this and hope for the best on your next son!"

Something like that... AND, they still put the two rectangles a few spaces apart, you know there was some debate on whether to put them closer, or overlapping...

Mar 22 11 - 12:37pm

High grade whining here.

Mar 22 11 - 1:08pm

Guest bedroom through the kitchen? That's different.

Mar 22 11 - 2:27pm

There's some liquor I never would've heard of save for this article. Looks like Agencie3 earned their dime.

Mar 22 11 - 4:15pm

I wish we knew how to quit Brokeback Mountain.

Jul 23 11 - 11:07am

Super infomraitve writing; keep it up.