Hooters waitress speaks at school, parent bugs out

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In yet another example of parents insisting to their kids that boobies don't exist, officials at the Calvin A. Hunsinger school, a K-12 public school in Clearwater, Florida, received complaints after a Hooters waitress visited students to discuss her job. "I'm not knocking waitresses," parent Ashley Dominicci said. "They're very hard-working. My point is, these kids should have higher goals." Dominicci also pointed out that the school, which serves students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, is sending "the wrong message" by telling students that they're "the bad kids, and this is all [they'll] be in life." 

It's unclear what, exactly, Dominicci meant by the last part of that statement: is she worried that her child will aspire to be a hyper-sexualized object of desire to middle-aged car salesmen eating jalapeno poppers, or is she concerned that her kid will grow up thinking it's okay to wear nude pantyhose under shorts? If it's B), that makes total sense to me, as nude pantyhose are an abomination; any other reason, however, seems a bit ludicrous. "Working as a waiter or waitress in order to achieve higher goals should be commended," school principal Stephanie Bessette wrote in an e-mail to Dominicci.

The waitress in question, Brittany Morgan, agreed with Bessette. "I'm confident there was nothing wrong with my presentation," Morgan said. "Most of us are going to school. We're aspiring to do other things in life. This isn't our career."

Even if it was her career, and Morgan had zero ambition besides serving reheated buffalo wings well into her golden years, I have a hard time seeing the validity of Dominicci's claim. You can think what you want about Hooters, or have your own opinions about the women who work there, but when it comes right down to it, Morgan's job is to wait tables; it's a safe bet that a bunch of the kids at Calvin A. Hunsinger, regardless of their backgrounds, will be doing the same at some point in their adult lives. Either way, Dominicci should count her blessings — at least the school didn't bring in anyone from Raisins