Hugely clueless couple attempts to trademark “Occupy Wall Street” for merchandising

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Occupy Wall Street

Seemingly unaware of the entire point of Occupy Wall Street, one Long Island couple has put in a bid to trademark the term "Occupy Wall Street" for use on t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. "I'm no marketing genius, but when you've got something that's across fifty states, it's a brand now," said Robert Marcesa, who put in the initial request to the U.S. Patent and Trademark office with his wife, Diane.

Needless to say the protestors actually occupying Wall Street are skeptical about the idea, and one spokesman said, "The goal of OWS is not to become a profitable business […] We already make T-shirts down there for free, screen-printing on site. We think that organic individual marketing — making our own buttons or T-shirts — is more valuable." 

Well, that's a pretty predictable response. Marcesa, however, maintains that his motives are pure, saying, "I'm the best person they could imagine buying the slogan, because no one has their interest more than myself. This is an important slogan; somebody else might have gotten a hold of it."

Marcesa also added that he'd hypothetically be willing to sell the trademark back to Occupy Wall Street once the "brand" is underway for as little as $1, minus expenses. Sounds fair, but what's with all this sudden talk of "branding" for an anti-corporate, grassroots movement like OWS? Maybe Kanye West's visit to Zuchotti Park had more of an impact on the protestors than we realized.