Lady Gaga will wear absurd hats, craft with children in “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving”

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Lady Gaga Thanksgiving

ABC is out to capitalize on your Thanksgiving food-coma couch time with A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, a special naturally hosted by noted Martha Stewart emulator Lady Gaga.

Surprisingly, the preview for Gaga's ninety-minute Turkey Day special does not feature any intergalactic birth scenes, all-white bathhouses, or even "Let's Make a Sandwich" time. In fact, this looks downright… dare I say it… conventional. Sure, there's some eclectic fashion, but the centerpieces here appear to be bantering with Tony Bennett, test-tasting some turkey prepared by Art Smith, a super-serious interview with Katie Couric, and doing some kind of glitter activity with a group of children. Could this be Lady Gaga's bid for the homemaking throne?

Turns out few may ever know, since ABC stupidly chose to schedule A Very Gaga Thanksgiving around the same time as a rerun of The Mentalist. Because if America loves anything more than football and eating turkey, it's mediocre CBS shows.