Icelandic penis museum gets its first human member

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The magical, pixie island of Iceland is home to mega-volcanoes, Björk, and unicorns. Now we can add preserved human penises to that list. The Icelandic Phallological Museum has a collection of over two-hundred specimens, including whale, seal, and bear penises. But now they're about to receive their first ever bona fide human penis. You know, in case you've never seen one of those before.

The lucky dick belongs to ninety-five-year-old Pall Arason, a friend of the museum's curator. He recently passed away, but not before promising his penis to the collection. No word on the details or size of the acquisition. Guess you'll just have to visit to find out, but it makes you wonder what lucky curator had the job of cataloging, preserving, and exhibiting the penis. No word on the museum's "member"-ship policy either, but boy, are the puns endless.