Studies show New York to be safer than St. Louis, scarier than Kabul

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Times Square

I know you might not want to hear this, but it's time to face up to an awkward fact: when it comes to crime, New Yorkers might be going soft. While police are keeping themselves busy trying to hunt down a scooter-wielding vegan cookie thief, a newly released study pegs St. Louis as the most dangerous city in America, while NYC didn't even crack the top 200. Ouch!

We might still be able to fake some street cred, though, thanks to an inexplicable interview with NATO's senior civilian in Afghanistan Mark Sedwill, who asserts that children growing up in Kabul are "probably safer" than their New York-based counterparts. Sedwill gives some vague reasoning about Kabul's family-oriented social structure, but be honest, NATO: is this really just about the Four Loko thing?