Inhalable caffeine is now a reality

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There are already more than enough sources of caffeine on the market – pills, coffee, tea, Red Bull, 5-Hour energy, 14-hour energy, the stash of vintage Four Loko in my apartment, etc. That doesn't mean we can't ecstatically welcome one more to the fray, in the form of the weirdly inhalable AeroShot.

While the AeroShot doesn't technically go into your lungs, it packages a caffeine-and-vitamins powder in an inhaler, marketed as "Breathable Energy. Anytime. Anyplace." To the surprise of no one, there's already some debate over whether this is a great or a terrible idea. New York Senator Charles Shumer has written to the FDA, detailing his concerns that young people may get the idea to mix AeroShot with alcohol to maximize partying efficiency (see: the rise and fall of Four Loko). One expert warned that "caffeine products are being reformulated to be sexy and appealing."

You have to wonder who exactly they worry is going to see an inhaler as "sexy," per se, but either way the product's makers contend that it's actually a safer than usual source of caffeine, explaining, "We often overdose ourselves. [With AeroShot] you take it when you need it, and as much as you need." 

Personally, I can only applaud any new frontier in caffeine intake as long as needles aren't involved. Now excuse me while I start stockpiling.