Iran bans necklaces and shorts on men

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In Iran, the moral police translate to the fashion police, quite literally. More than 70,000 trained men known as "the moral police" have been deployed in Tehran and are cracking down on "un-Islamic" clothing and haircuts. This means no shorts and necklaces on guys and no loose-fitting head-scarves, tight jackets, or exposed legs for women. The threat of being fined and even arrested looms, especially with the increasing summer heat causing young people to push the boundaries of these rigid restrictions. 

While men wearing cut-offs might be a controversial clothing choice in any part of the world, making them illegal in Iran is an unsurprisingly extreme measure meant to combat "the Western cultural invasion." Last year ponytails and mullets were also outlawed for being "decadent." While we're opposed to the former, they might be on to something with the latter.