Irate Taco Bell customer firebombs restaurant over lack of meat in Chalupas

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Police in Albany, Georgia are on the lookout for a disgruntled Taco Bell customer who threw a crudely-fashioned Molotov cocktail at the fast-food restaurant's drive-thru window after apparently being upset with the lack of meat in his two XXL Chalupas. First off, no chihuahuas were harmed during the commission of the crime, and second, I've had issues with the ratio of chicken to broccoli in my Chinese food before, but, really?

According to Taco Bell manager Cynthia Thompson, shortly before the 5 a.m. firebombing on Sunday, the man had called to complain that there was "not enough stuffing inside" his Chalupas, and demanded more meat. After Thompson told the man that the restaurant was about to close, he hurled racial invective at her, and ominously said, "That's alright, I'll just come and redecorate the place."

Thompson said not long after she hung up, she smelled fuel and eventually realized there was a fire outside of the drive-thru window. Investigators found the remnants of the makeshift bomb — a melted plastic bottle still containing a liquid substance — on the ground outside. The CCTV footage of the incident isn't very clear, so apprehending the nutjob won't be easy.

Incidentally, another Taco Bell restaurant in Missouri had been terrorized by a dissatisfied patron last month, when a customer aimed a shotgun at an employee working the drive-thru window, after realizing that the server had forgotten his hot sauce. His hot sauce. In that case, thirty-year-old Jeremy Combs was apprehended. I'm surprised nothing like this went down during the whole "Is-it-real-meat-or-isn't-it?" controversy earlier in the year.