Italian couple takes legal action to have 41-year-old son evicted from home

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An elderly, unnamed Italian couple residing in Mestre, near Venice, have been compelled to hire a lawyer to help them remove their recalcitrant son from their home, where he has lived all his life. The parents claim that they're "too tired" to carry on cooking, cleaning, and ironing for their spoiled son, who actually has a well-paying job. The father said, "We can no longer go on this way. My wife has developed stress-related problems and she's been in hospital recently." No wonder the dude doesn't want to bounce. 

This is a far cry from the young Hollywood thespians you often see being emancipated from their parents. The phenomenon of bamboccione, or "big baby," is well-established in Italy, where financially-strapped men and women don't leave home until well into their thirties. Statistics show that fifty-six percent of twenty-five to thirty-year-old Italians still live at home with madre e padre. These mammone, or "mommy's boys," know where their bread is buttered. 

The unnamed son will have ten days to find new accommodations, or have the case referred to court, which could lead to more severe action taken to get his butt out. Perhaps his patient mama will do one last load of laundry for him.