It’s finally here: The adults-only Anthony Weiner action figure

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Anthony Weiner action figureAnthony Weiner action figureAnthony Weiner action figure

Anthony Weiner may be hidden in his rehabilitation bunker at the moment, but that doesn't mean he's hidden from our hearts and minds and RSS feeds. No, on the contrary — his presence feels stronger now than ever, obviously thanks to this new "adults-only" Anthony Weiner action figure

The doll, much like the man himself, can come two ways: censored or uncensored. Yet it's not quite clear from the manufacturer's site how the "for adults only" version differs from between the "standard" one — other than the $10 price increase, of course. Perhaps it could be some dazzlingly sly commentary on the taxpayer dollars Weiner will continue to receive as salary during his two-week leave of absence… or maybe it's just a ploy to take $10 from you. Really, though, does it even matter? Just look at those sweatshorts — so perfect for summer!