James Franco teaching film at NYU now

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Professor James Franco. The man who redefined prolific will be teaching a third-year directing course at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, focusing on making short films out of poetry. (You know, like a bleak, existential take on "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," starring your best friend.) Twelve lucky students will be allowed to soak in the knowledge imparted by the shape-shifting, occupational chameleon. At $46,000 per annum for a three-year course.

Some people will contend that Franco got the gig based solely on his celebrity, while others defend his authority on the merits. Said student, Heather Fink:

"We choose [courses] because of the films we want to make, so somebody who wants to strengthen how they work with actors would work with James. I think using celebrities is great. We want successful people who know about the business."

Sure. You guys just want a good connection when it comes to optioning the full-length adaptation of your proto-Aronofskyian masterpiece, Love Song of the Black Integer.