CBS’s Janet Jackson Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” lawsuit finally ends

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Hey, do you remember that time Justin Timberlake exposed part of Janet Jackson's right boob in what or may not have been an accidental "wardrobe malfunction"? You probably don't, because it wasn't actually that titillating and it's not like they actually had sex on stage or anything. (Seriously, does anyone keep that in mind as some sort of especially sexual moment?) But it seems that some people are still really concerned about that thing no one else cares about, because the lawsuit against CBS is only just ending:

A federal appeals court on Wednesday upheld its finding that the Federal Communications Commissions acted improperly in fining CBS over the fleeting exposure of Janet Jackson’s breast during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

A three-judge panel from 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled that the FCC improperly assessed a $550,000 fine against the network for the so-called “wardrobe malfunction” that lasted just over half a second.

I can't express how happy I am that we've spent seven years figuring this out, because I know I was extremely traumatized by this event, which I did watch in real time without actually realizing what happened. I can't say for sure how much this Nipplegate business cost the government, but I feel relatively sure it was more than $550,000. That being said, I thank the Court for realizing how dumb that fine was.