John Galliano

In a court appearance stemming from his instantly notorious anti-Semitic outbursts at a Paris bar earlier this year, former Dior designer John Galliano claimed not to remember the incidents in question at all, citing his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Though an actual video surfaced in February of Galliano berating a woman with slurs and declaring "I love Hitler," in his court appearance Galliano said he didn't remember what happened, saying "I was in denial. I was taking all those pills and alcohol. I was in complete denial. I am still in recovery. But I am feeling much better," adding, “I never had these views all my life. These are not the sentiments of John Galliano.” 

The designer appeared shaken throughout the proceedings and, citing addictions to alcohol, sleeping pills, and Valium, said, "On the video, I see someone who needs help and is very vulnerable."

I don't think at this point anyone would question that Galliano has some serious problems that require treatment (especially if you remember his awkward slurring in the original video), but still, since when does being wasted cause anyone to spew crazy racist bullshit that would "never" have occurred to them otherwise?

Commentarium (5 Comments)

Jun 23 11 - 12:29pm
John Son

It's the Mel Gibson clause.

Jun 23 11 - 12:39pm

too bad they don't do memory recall in rehab.

Jun 23 11 - 1:08pm
Justin Khase

Isn't that conveenyunt !!!!

Jun 23 11 - 4:56pm

That has to be the most delightful misspelling I've ever seen.

Jun 23 11 - 6:47pm