Julian Lennon is pissed about Paul McCartney wedding snub

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More than forty years after the break-up of The Beatles, fresh band-related drama has cropped up once again, and this time it doesn't involve Yoko.

Julian Lennon, John's forty-eight-year-old son by first wife Cynthia Powell who could never escape his pops' shadow (especially since he looks and sounds like him), is angry, hurt, and confused by Paul McCartney's failure to invite him to his wedding in London last month, to third wife Nancy Shevell. And yes, Julian's half-brother Sean found time away from Occupy Wall Street to attend.

The forty-eight-year-old Julian claims he wasn't invited to either of the wedding parties in London and New York, as well as the London premiere of Martin Scorsese's awesome George Harrison documentary, nor the five-year anniversary performance of the Beatles musical, Love, in Las Vegas. So who knows what's going on with McCartney, who Julian has said in the past was like a father to him.

In an October 23 post on his personal Facebook page — which has since been erased — Lennon wrote:

"Wow…Snubbed at Macca's wedding, Snubbed at the Anniversary of LOVE in Vegas! Snubbed at Macca's wedding reception in NYC, last night. Snubbed at George Harrison's Film Premiere…What Have I done to be ignored in such a way? I was not invited to ANY of these events…I thought we had a relationship…Obviously not…Gimme some truth…Maybe now it's time to tell the Truth…I & My Mother will not be eradicated from History…How Dare They."

Hopefully, after what future Beatles biographers will probably refer to as The Great Snub of '11, the lads can give peace a chance and patch things up, and normalcy will be restored, with everyone ragging on Yoko's bizarre avant-garde vocal stylings once again.