Karen Owen Sex List inspires beef between Duke and Atlantic Monthly

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Remember that Duke Fuck List that everybody on the internet was going on about? Of course you do — you saw the Law & Order episode that it inspired. As it happens, it also inspired Caitlin Flanagan to rail against Duke University as a whole, which she did using the pages of the Atlantic Monthly.

She wrote that "something ugly is going on at the university," an ugliness she illustrates with little restraint: 

In some respects Duke has never moved on from the values of the 1980s, when droves of ambitious college students felt no moral ambivalence about preparing themselves for a life centered largely on the getting and spending of money. With a social scene dominated by fraternities and sororities (a way of life consisting of ardent partying and hooking up, offset by spurts of busywork composing angry letters to campus newspapers and taking online alcohol-education classes), with its large share of rich students displaying their money in the form of expensive cars and clothing, and with an attitude toward campus athletics that is at once deeply southern (this is a part of the world where even high-school athletes can be treated with awestruck deference by adults) and profoundly anti-intellectual, it's a university whose thoughtful students are overshadowed by its voraciously self-centered ones.

If you're wondering, Flanagan herself studied up the road at the University of Virginia, whose reputation isn't so different from Duke's. At any rate, she goes on to compare Karen Owen's brand of "sex-positive feminism" to bad pancakes. All of this really steamed some Blue Devils, who fired back in their school paper. Additionally, a separate person at the paper posted this on the paper's site:

Flanagan's a hack and the worst kind of pundit; after years of her hysterical essays, this is common knowledge. But that doesn't excuse The Atlantic for having printed pages of what is essentially deception, unprofessionalism and, in at least one instance, outright lies.

Poor Karen Owens. All she wanted to do is fuck and then categorize a bunch of bros, but now look what she's done.