Kentucky “King of Pot” who has evaded arrest for two years becomes Facebook hero

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John Robert boone

Finally, America has a folk hero worthy of Pretty Boy Floyd's legacy… and he looks just like Santa! Meet John Robert Boone, a fugitive who has eluded capture for the past two years, ever since authorities prepared to seize a whopping 2,400 marijuana plants from his farm in Kentucky. Nicknames for Boone include "King of Pot" and "Godfather of Grass," and aside from denying all knowledge of his whereabouts, his supporters are showing their affection for Boone in the most meaningful way possible: a Facebook fan page. The page still has fewer fans than Boone had pot plants, but at 1,700 and counting it's growing rapidly, aided by the sale of "Run, Johnny, Run!" t-shirts courtesy of fellow Kentuckian Joe Pendelton.

What with the economy and everything, more and more Kentucky farmers have taken to growing marijuana to get by, and Pendleton said, "He was just a good 'ol country boy — a farmer… he's not robbing banks or nothing." Even so, thanks to prior arrests for his hand in the "largest domestic marijuana syndicate in American history," which grew over 182 tons of weed, Boone will face a life sentence in prison if caught, raising one crucial question — for his getaway music of choice, should Boone go with classic banjo, or some more personalized, seasonally appropriate sleigh bells?