KFC paying college girls $500 to advertise on their butts

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Double down ass-vertising

Kentucky Fried Chicken's marketing campaign for its new Double Down sandwich involves advertising its bun-less product on some sexy buns. Just like Juicy, with its emblem emblazoned on female butts across the nation, KFC plans to get your attention with the words "Double Down" and the face of Colonel Sanders on the backsides of college girls everywhere.

Their press release reads:

"KFC is recruiting college co-eds to serve as 'human billboards' for its bun-less Double Down sandwich. Forget park benches, sky writing or on-blimp advertising. KFC is taking advertising to a whole new medium: the backsides of college sweat pants." Another source adds that the girls will receive $500 for all that extra butt-gazing.

(As Adrants notes, this isn't even close to the first example of products being advertised on asses.)

Of course, we realize that this could really just be a ploy to create outrage and that there's no plan to actually market on butt cheeks.