New marijuana-shaped lollipops are harshing parents’ buzz

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ring pots

In addition to candy cigarettes and chocolate syringes (yes, those exist), we can now add pot-shaped lollipops to the litany of drug-inspired sweets that kids can innocently ingest.

Ring Pots are the latest in wearable lollipops, and yes, they are in the shape of marijuana leaves. Supposedly it's all part of a drug advocacy campaign aimed at adults, as the packaging features the word "legalize." Of course, we all know that kids aren't interested in legislation unless it involves creating a national holiday dedicated to Justin Bieber and adults don't care about politics unless they're bribed with candy.

As for the candy itself, it's sour apple flavored, without a hint of grassiness. Granted, there's already a huge glut of weed-flavored (or weed-infused) candy on the market, but it's hard to try and spin that these are aimed at the coveted "adults that want wearable candy" market as opposed to children. Obviously parents are up in arms that their little ones are being exposed to candy in the shape of illicit substances, so who knows how long they'll stay on the market. Quick, start stocking up on them now. Products like this are why Ebay exists.