Kotex now makes pads for eight-year-olds

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And, as all products for young girls should be, they're covered in glitter! Backed up by a new study that claims fifteen percent of girls in the United States begin puberty by the age of seven (seven?!), Kotex has seized the opportunity to start selling kid-friendly menstrual products. From the New York Times:

In what the brand says is an industry first, the pads are designed specifically for 8- to 12-year-olds and are 18 percent shorter and narrower than other Kotex pads. Sold in glittery boxes decorated with hearts, stars and swirls (which are also printed on the pads themselves), the products would look at home on the set of "Hannah Montana."

Okay, so maybe if there really are seven-year olds out there getting their periods, this is just an issue of supply and demand, but I'm still allowed to be creeped out, right?