Latest sexist ad: “Even your wife can turn on the DVD”

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Technology may have come a long way since the 1950s, but ads for it sure haven't. Check out the latest advertisement for AudioOne, a device that allows you to turn on lots of appliances with the click of a button. It reads "So simple even your wife can turn on the DVD." Sounds like the kind of sexist drivel Don Draper would approve, though he'd probably be befuddled in a drunken stupor as to whatever the heck a DVD is. It's not only insulting to women, but just people in general, because really who can't tap a few buttons on an oversized remote control?

Keep in mind the ad appeared in the latest issue of Lexington Life Magazine, which came out in April 2011, not 1911. And yes, lots of technologically-abled women are pretty pissed. Some companies have even pulled their ads from the magazine in protest and Ms. Magazine is sponsoring a petition against the company. It's so easy, even a slightly offended consumer (which should be anyone with functioning neurons) can sign it.