Lesbian couple at Baltimore Ravens game

During the Baltimore Ravens home game two weekends ago against the Cleveland Browns, Mary Kate Morris and Nicole Marchetto hit the concession stand in the nosebleed section. Buying beer and food and using an extra cup for ketchup, they kissed a couple of times in a nice, romantic fashion by the condiments. A security guard ordered them to cease any and all public displays of affection.

The Washington Blade has the full details: 

Almost immediately, she said, a security guard and a supervisor told the women to “stop making a scene.” They were warned three times but continued because, according to Marchetto, ”the kissing was heartfelt and decent in the real sense and was not any different from what numerous law-abiding straight couples were doing all around us.”

Soon afterwards, the security guard demanded to see their driver’s licenses, and then the women were told to leave the stadium immediately. When they asked why they had to leave, the guard accused them of first stealing the cup from the concession stand and then accused them of stealing the beer. A Baltimore police officer intervened and told the guards the couple did not steal the beer. The couple has receipts for all the purchases. [Washington Blade]

They missed the second half, were falsely accused of theft and obviously kicked out because of their shared gender. How's that for "grounds for a lawsuit"?

Commentarium (21 Comments)

Oct 11 10 - 10:20am

I hope they take home millions.

Oct 11 10 - 10:51am

Why didn't Anderson Cooper report this?

Oct 11 10 - 11:33am
G Unit

Baltimore proving again it has no class in more ways than one.

Oct 11 10 - 1:16pm

As a born and raised Baltimorean, I remember when Baltimore was one of the most gay friendly cities in the country. G Unit, You are an idiot to lambaste a whole city for the faults of one jackass security guard. For my part, I hope the couple wins their case and the guard gets fired. That's the sort of class that G Unit lacks.

Oct 11 10 - 2:09pm

But... but... but... they're cute!

Oct 11 10 - 2:36pm

Two girls, one cup. How could it not end badly? Ok, so the cup was full of ketchup, but still ...

Oct 11 10 - 4:34pm

Once beneath an afternoon sun, in a town where all are called "Hon"/At the Ravens stadium in the eastern town of Baltimore/There two women were seen kissing, though the football game they're missing/By the ketchup stand they cuddled, cuddled out where all could see/But a guard there saw them hugging, huddled there where all could see/Quoth the guardian, "Never more"!

Oct 11 10 - 6:29pm

Christ, what an asshole of a security guard. Here's to hoping they win the case...

Oct 11 10 - 6:30pm

The girls, I mean. Not the security a-hole.

Oct 11 10 - 6:46pm

I see some guest appearances coming up...
Oh wait, maybe a paid walk-on on a prime time show...
Or, maybe the next reality stars are ready to go...
Please, let's avoid the Vivid home video release on this one, they're cute, but, will make more money with clothes on and public kissing than private nakedness...
If these gals make a few bucks from public kissing, great, there will be more girls kissing each other EVERYWHERE.


Oct 11 10 - 7:40pm
Mary G

I find it disheartening in this day and age that this sort of thing goes on. In fact I find it horrifying. Can you say lawsuit boys and girls? I knew you could!

Oct 11 10 - 8:07pm

Speaking of Eddie Murphy, I called it on Pharoah busting out the Denzel on his second show, after he debuted with Will Smith. The next impressionistic arrow from his vast quiver is anyone's guess.

Oct 11 10 - 10:57pm

@EAPo: I pondered your post weak and weary . . . with laughter. Truly excellent, thanks.

Oct 12 10 - 11:26am
G Unit

@PK I've been to Baltimore 3 times, the place is a dump. So is DC. With the exception of the "tourist" sections of both cities.

Oct 12 10 - 2:30pm

As if anyone would give up their drivers license to a security guard in a ballpark. A creative legal settlement forthcoming...

Oct 12 10 - 6:41pm

Seriously, how many straight couples make out at a football game? They were fishing for attention and dollars, and they found a security team gullible enough to take the bait.

Oct 12 10 - 10:58pm

Again i read the 'they only want attention, and money" argument. Come on now. If you want money all you need to do is report your damn food.

Oct 13 10 - 10:46am

There's a step backwards in tolerance.

Oct 14 10 - 11:04am

take me out to the ball game take me to the $$BANK $$ every one knows RIGHTS are what AMERICA is made of HAVE a great life as a MILLIONAIRE

Oct 14 10 - 12:21pm

The security guard (assuming it was a he) had two girls (both of them pretty good looking from the picture) kissing in front of him and he demanded they STOP??? Major civil rights issues aside... is he NUTS?